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Being in the Alpine Belt, which has the richest marble deposits in the world, Turkey has 5,1 billion m3 of probable reserves (13.9 billion tons) and 33% of the world's marble reserves, which are estimated to be 15 billion m3. Turkey is a candidate to be a leader in the world with this reserve.

Eva Madencilik, which started its activities in 2012 with the idea of acquiring a beautiful place in this large reserve, was established in Istanbul in 2019 and opened its first marble quarry in 2019.

Our marble quarry is located in province Ankara, District Haymana, Sub-division Sirçasaray, 100 km from Ankara, 185 km from Konya and 220 km from Afyonkarahisar. Our marble quarry is also 490 km from Mersin Port, 392 km from Gemlik Port and 500 km from Izmir Port.

In our quarry, marble is produced in blocks, it is processed primarily to India, China, Romania, Israel and the Middle East countries both as blocks and through marble factories in Turkey and exported in cut-to-size.

Our Purpose and Target

Our company, which has aimed at human-oriented work since its establishment, produces for people. An efficient, sharing and innovative business is our main principle. We aim to increase the quality of life and welfare by providing employment to the people of the region and the country with the investments it has made and the investments it will make. At the same time, our aim is to contribute to the growth of Turkey with the added value it provides to the economy.

Our Eva Madencilik company, by protecting nature, which is one of our most precious assets, invests not only in the present, but also in order to create a happy generation in the future. Our goal is to build both today and tomorrow in a better way.

Quality Policy and Continuity

Being aware of the fact that investing in people will increase both the quality of life and product quality, our company continues its activities based on this thought.

It follows a growth policy by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in the marketing and sales process, increasing this satisfaction over the years and increasing the profitability of the company.

It is our quality policy to continuously improve and develop every stage of our work in order to make quality not a target but a continuous situation.

Eva Madencilik guarantees its customers the continuity of raw materials and products. It gives confidence to its customers with its high stock capacity, short delivery understanding, marketing strategy and right price policy without compromising on quality. Today, our company plans the future and ensures continuity in its work.

Social Responsibility

By processing marble, which is one of the most magnificent gifts of the creator to human beings through nature, in the most beautiful way, it offers a healthy life with this naturalness to human beings drowned in synthetics and chemicals. Our company serves people with all its social responsibility projects. Thanks to the order and attention in its working system, it protects nature, which is a miraculous gift to us.


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